Reviews for Roots and Offshoots: Silicon Valley’s Arts Community:
"A very clear and linear discussion of the shifts and changes in the South Bay art scene, woven with Rindfleisch’s first-person experiences and understanding. Her political grounding and commitment to action are ever-present and offer a guiding path through the many players and actors in this fascinating story."
Sal Breiter, Humanities instructor, De Anza College
"I have never seen a history of the arts scene in such detail presented."
Bruce Davis, President/CEO of ArtsKC;
Director of Arts Council Silicon Valley 1993–2011
"A good archive of the progressive art movement in this area, and an inspiration for others."
Duane Kubo, community activist
"Roots & Offshoots is a tremendous story—a major breakthrough in telling the history of culture in Silicon Valley. 好嘢 ("HO YEH", in Cantonese village colloquial). It means literally "good stuff" or "the right stuff"! Your book and the art within!"
Connie Young Yu, historian
"Mak kiš horše mak-hinnan, neppe nuunun horše rokét ’ennenikma mak holše wáayi!
We thank you, this book is very good [excellent] about the artists of our beautiful valley!""

"Roots and Offshoots: Silicon Valley's Arts Community is a major contribution that weaves a tapestry of artistic and cultural traditions and introduces the reader to the unique artists and their works of art right here in the Silicon Valley. Jan Rindfleisch's book is a major testament and celebration of the colorful ethnic diversity of our Valley ranging from our Muwekma Ohlone Tribe's several thousand year contribution to the contemporary murals, museums and galleries of today's art community!"
Monica V. Arellano, Vice Chairwoman
Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area
Co-Chair, Muwekma Ohlone Tribe Language Committee
"In refreshing fashion, Roots & Offshoots focuses on marginalized people that broke through institutional and socio-economic prejudices, artists that challenged establishment assumptions, or outsiders trying to circumvent the vanilla-male-centric status quo, going back to the mid-20th century."

"...Rindfleisch embroiders the last several decades, weaving various threads of history, often apexing with specific artists who stood out in terms of sheer outsider ambition, creativity and dedication to their causes"