Roots and Offshoots: The Blossoming of Silicon Valley's Arts Community
An alternative regional arts history
The Trailblazers
Early Cultural Landscapes: History Inspiring Change
A Spiral Through Time: Silicon Valley Arts and Culture from Ancestral Ohlone to Today
A 10,000-year survey of the characteristic cross-cultural disruption and adaptation of Silicon Valley's art and culture, personified by key female figures like Juana Briones and Marjorie Eaton
Mary Parks Washington: Motivated by History
Profile of the artist/activist noted for preserving history and advocating for art in a living context
Cozetta Gray Guinn: Keeping Culturally Connected
Profile of the artist/author/curator/gallery owner and her exploration of African American community connections in historical context
Japantown San José, Jack Matsuoka, Roy and PJ Hirabayashi: Cultural Catalysts
The key role played by this San José neighborhood in fostering community, arts and culture, highlighting several seminal artists and leaders
Flo Oy Wong: Reclaiming History
Profile of the artist/activist known for her tributes to history's overlooked contributors
Building New Forms: Shoots and Offshoots
Gen Guracar and Connie Young Yu: Democracy Engaged
Pioneering partners in collaborative public art, including the People's Bicentennial Quilt
Euphrat Museum and Early Community Building
A community college museum's unusual role in Silicon Valley cultural development
Tony May: Playing for Real
Snapshot of a skillful instigator of collaborative public art projects
Ruth Tunstall Grant: Artrepreneur
Portrait of the artist, creator of working spaces for artists, visionary leader in arts education
Consuelo Jimenez Underwood: Thread Art Warrior
Conversations with the influential fiber artist whose work traverses borders
Opening Doors, Expanding Boundaries
Mary Jane Solis: Onward from El Centro
Artist/activist's use of art as a vehicle for building community and promoting human rights
Paul Pei-Jen Hau: Quiet Leadership
Profile of the artist and educator dedicated to building bridges between Chinese and American culture
Lucy Cain Sargeant: Disregarding Difference
Artist and educator dedicated to eliminating barriers and prejudice
Kim Bielejec Sanzo: A Gathering Force
One artist's role in creating innovative cultural programming
New Ventures in Community Building
Trudy Myrrh Reagan and YLEM: The Power of Ideas
Connecting art with science and technology
José Antonio and Cecilia Preciado Burciaga: Mentoring Cultura
The couple's work for diversity and its ongoing ripple effect
MACLA: "Doing That Latino Art Thing," by Maribel Alvarez
The evolution of San Jose's influential Latino art center
Silicon Valley De-Bug: "The Anatomy of an 'Un-Organization': Explaining #DebugScience," by Raj Jayadev
The creation and maintenance of a truly democratic community organizationThe creation and maintenance of a truly democratic community organization
Epilogue: Present and Future Challenges
Essay on cultural awareness, activism, and the future
Additional context for arts and community building in Silicon Valley